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Health Benefits Of Plants Posts

Top 5 plant-based Omega-3 foods + delicious recipes

Don't miss our list of high ALA Omega-3 plants + delicious Swich recipes you can make to add a little more Omega-3 to your diet.

Because of asparagus: health benefits, recipes & fun facts

Asparagus has a special place in our kitchens. Find out the nutrients, health benefits, delicious recipes, and so much more!

Tips for eating seasonally & why it makes a difference

You’ve probably heard it before, eating seasonally is best. These tips & recipes will inspire you to cook with more plants this winter, and beyond.

Because of beets: Amazing health benefits + our top recipes

Beets have a special place in our kitchens. Find out why they stand out just as much on our plates as they do when it comes to what they offer our bodies.

How to transition to a (more) plant-based diet: 5 simple tips

Ready to eat more plants and start reaping the benefits? Here are five tips to make the transition to a plant-based lifestyle smooth and steady.

What will you accomplish because of plants?

Here at Swich, we are rooted firmly in a love for plants. It’s because of plants that we feel fuelled, happy, nourished, and strong.