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The complete guide to plant-based grocery shopping for beginners

New to eating a diet rich in fruits and veggies? Need some guidance at the grocery store? We've got you covered with this handy plant-based diet grocery list that streamlines everything you need to get started.

6 tips for making grocery shopping quick and efficient

If you’re hoping to make more homemade meals this year, you’ve probably realized that means more trips to the grocery store. Here's how to save time while you're there.

Swich fruit and veggie Valentines are here!

Say "I care" with our adorably punny cards, while proudly declaring your love of plants!

The science of repetition: Why does doing something repeatedly help you make it a permanent lifestyle change?

Why does doing a little of something every day (like cooking) make it a habit?

Tips for setting and achieving all your goals this year

Here are some tips to set you up for succeeding at your goals for 2022.

Joy of Cooking: How to pick fresh produce in every season

Curious about how to pick the freshest, flavorful fruits and vegetables? Check out these five tips!

How to talk about your plant-based diet with loved ones

Whether or not you’re starting to eat more fruits and veggies or adopting a 100% plant-based diet, we have tips to help you share your decision with others.

Thinking about going plant-based? These 17 documentaries are a must-watch!

These 17 eye-opening documentaries about plant-based nutrition will help you make an informed decision.

Swich in the media

We're sharing our mission with the world! Check out this round-up of Swich in the news.