Swich | Founder Youtube Series Posts

Founder Youtube Series Posts

Video: Experiencing the seasons on Pender Island

In the season finale of the series, Dawn and Joe experience the seasons on Pender Island.

Video: Unveiling the great outdoor kitchen renovation

It’s officially been one year since Dawn and Joe took their fateful trip to Pender Island to look for a new property. And in this 16th episode, we see just how far they’ve come with renovations to their rustic cabin.

Video: What is Shuniya? Finding Peace on Pender Island

As rainy days bring a sense of cleansing and calmness, our co-founders find moments of stillness on Pender Island.

Video: Welcoming friends & honoring humility on Pender Island

What makes a house feel like home? Our co-founders show their property’s progress while honoring humility.

Video: From a walking path to the journey of Swich - progress continues!

When was the last time you paved a new path? The co-founders of Swich and Rouxbe Cooking School reflect on two paths in their lives.

Video: Why laying a solid foundation is so important in life (and in cooking!)

Swich co-founders, Joe and Dawn, take us out on their new boat and show us how to chop wood.

Video: The final step to full-time farm living + how to cook the best quinoa

The highly-anticipated renovated Airstream makes its way to Pender Island in this episode of the Swich Founder YouTube series.

Video: Exploring Pender Island

Follow along as Swich co-founders, Joe and Dawn, explore the coolest spots on Pender Island.

Video: Celebrate Swich co-founder, Joe Girard's, birthday with us!

Join Swich co-founders, Joe and Dawn, as they experience new things on their Pender Island farm.

Video: The great Airstream reveal!

Tour the now fully renovated Swich Airstream with co-founder, Dawn.

Video: Beauty is everywhere —rustic cabin redo!

Swich co-founder, Dawn, reveals before-and-after shots of the incredible cabin makeover.

Video: From remote farm to happy home –the family settles in on Pender Island

Watch Swich co-founder, Dawn, transform the remote Pender Island farm into the new family home.

Video: How to build a farm (and other life lessons)

Find out what it takes to go from untamed wilderness to dream farm in this instalment of the Swich Founder YouTube Series.

Video: What happens when a professional chef operates farm machinery?

Watch Swich co-founder, Joe, swap his chef's knife for a tractor as he works to turn a remote property into a livable farm

Video: An inside look at remote farm life

Watch Swich co-founder, Joe, prep the Pender Island farm for full-time living.

Video: Get to know Swich co-founder, Joe, as he starts a new life on Pender Island

Watch Joe Girard make his first trip to the farm in episode 2 of our YouTube series!

Go behind the scenes with the Swich Founder YouTube series!

Our co-founders are taking Swich's mission on the road! Follow their journey in this video series.