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8 cooking and cleaning tips to save you time in the kitchen

Saving time in the kitchen can be a challenge, but don't stress—we've got you covered with some pretty fun and efficient cooking and cleaning tips to help you maximize the time you do have in the kitchen, even if it's just a little each day. 

8 tips for saving time in the kitchen

1. Freeze your dressings 

Use an ice cube tray to freeze your go-to dressings. All you have to do is pop one out in advance, prepare as required, and you're ready to go. 

Swich Salad Bar Setup

2. Set aside some time to chop a bunch of veggies

Portion and stick them in the freezer to pull out whenever a recipe calls for them. Easy peasy! 

3. Batch make rice, quinoa, or whatever grain you like the best and freeze.

Save yourself some time without having to cook every single time, and make a huge batch then stick it in the freezer for later.

Lemons and garlic

4. Upgrade or invest in a 'good' vegetable peeler.

Prepping carrots, potatoes, and zucchini faster means dinner's done that much sooner. Plus, who wants to struggle with a difficult vegetable peeler when time is of the essence!?

5. Keep counters clean with a baking sheet.

Another makes-total-sense timesaver in the kitchen. Place all ingredients on an empty baking sheet prior to prepping them. This will help to catch any spills and avoid wasting time hunting for an ingredient as you cook!

Cut mushrooms

6. Master your knife skills: 

Not knowing how to cut properly can majorly slow down meal prep. There’s no time like the present to learn how to chop quickly and efficiently. Master your knife skills with these exercises (available with your free Swich membership):

Having a proper knife also makes a huge difference. Check out our guide to finding the perfect knife for you.

7. Perfect your mise en place: 

Getting set up before you start cooking is a huge timesaver—this is called mise en place. Martha Stewart always makes cooking look effortless because her mise en place is on point. Bring your mise en place up to par by taking our Mise en Place & Storing exercise (available with your free Swich membership).

Mise en place

8. Use a bowl for your organic waste.

Racheal Ray is a big advocate of this timesaver. Throw in your peels, veggie ends, and any extras you don't need. This will not only save you multiple trips to the trash, but makes cleanup a breeze! Win-win. 

Looking for more time-saving tips in the kitchen? Be sure to check out some of these helpful blogs! 

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Michele S. ( 2yr ) – What will I change: Sheet Pan for Ingredients. It might even fit on top of sink.. I have very little counter top prep space.
Sometimes I have a bowl for waste. I will do that all the time – and of course it goes into the compost bin.
And mise en place – it sure makes stir fry effortless. The Rouxbe recipe for stir fry is my go to recipe now.
I am not sure I would freeze salad dressings – the bottle of homemade doesn’t take that much space… and I would have to be able to find it in the freezer.
Freezer space is at a premium and if there is too much stuff – I can’t find it. " Oh.. there is the tomatillo sauce I made last year". Maybe that should be next project – try AGAIN to organize freezer… do you have hints?
Thanks – those were good ideas

Swich C. ( 2yr ) – Thank you!

Deborah K. ( 2yr ) – Yes good tips and I had to listen to how you pronounce mizon plus! :) Taking on board everything listed in a big or little way depending on which

Swich C. ( 2yr ) – we are happy you found this helpful :)