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3 Unique and delicious asparagus recipes you'll want to make again and again

If you’re trying to eat more vegetables, now’s the time to add asparagus to the menu! There’s so much to love about asparagus, including that it is quite possibly the most fascinating veggie around. Consider this fun fact: Asparagus can grow up to 7 inches daily, so, if you have the time, you could potentially watch it grow! Now, if the trivia doesn’t convince you, read on for three recipes we’re pretty confident will do the trick. 😉

How to pick perfect asparagus – 3 tips to follow

  1. Asparagus tips should be tight. Spears with tips that have begun to splay indicate the asparagus was picked late, and will likely be woody.
  2. Asparagus stalks should be firm. Spears that feel rubbery when bent are not at their prime.
  3. Avoid washing or trimming asparagus until you are ready to use it. Store in the fridge, standing upright in a very small amount of water, or cover the ends of your bunch with a wet paper towel

3 Must-try Asparagus Recipes

1. Pan-Fried Asparagus

Swich Pan-Fried Asparagus Recipe

There is something to be said about a simple dish like this—amazing! Lemon and asparagus go hand in hand— like a perfect harmonious marriage of flavors. All this recipe entails is fresh asparagus lightly pan-fried and then finished with a plant-based lemon-butter parmesan sauce. A quick and delicious dish to whip up during the work week.

Try the asparagus recipe: Pan-Fried Asparagus

2. Edamame & Roasted Shiitake Mushroom Gyozas

Swich Edamame and Roasted Shiitake Mushroom Gyozas with Asparagus Recipe

Who doesn't love little bundles of goodness? That's exactly what you get with these potstickers that are filled with loads of delicious vegetables and flavors. Featuring an entire bundle of asparagus, a hearty amount of edamame beans, and shiitake mushrooms—holy moly that's some yummy goodness. Pair with Asian Dipping Sauce and you've got yourself a knock-your-socks-off delectable dish. 

Try the asparagus recipe: Edamame & Roasted Shiitake Mushroom Gyozas

3. Kale Polenta

Swich Kale Polenta Recipe goes well with Asparagus

This Kale Polenta is such a bright and satisfying dish, that it would be a crime not to pair it with some just-as-bright and bold grilled asparagus. Stone-ground polenta is flavored with vibrant kale and plant-based parmesan. You can serve it as a delicious side dish or as the main course with a variety of different grilled vegetables (like our buddy asparagus). Either way—the end result is delicious.

Try the asparagus recipe: Kale Polenta


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