Swich | Blog - 5 quick & nutritious weekday lunch ideas

5 quick & nutritious weekday lunch ideas

Why go out for lunch when you can make something significantly more satisfying at home? We're talking about some quick and easy homemade lunch recipes, featuring nutrient-rich veggies and exceptional flavor.

It's time to elevate your lunch game. 

5 quick plant-based lunch recipes 

Mung Bean Salad

Swich Mung Bean Salad plant-based lunch recipe

Nutrient and antioxidant rich mung beans are the center of attention in this dish. Add some fresh green onions, mint, and red wine vinegar, then enhance the flavor with any additional veggies you have on hand. Lunch, made! 

Try the recipe: Mung Bean Salad

The Best Sandwiches

Swich The Best Sandwich with roasted vegetables recipe

Ever heard the phrase: "Life is like a sandwich, you have to fill it with the best ingredients?" Now we're talking! The Best Sandwiches are packed with flavourful Olive and Sun-Dried Tomato Tapenade and Cashew Cream Cheese, and feature some colorful and satisfying veggies. With a bit of prep in advance—you can whip up a sandwich that will be the envy of your office lunchroom. 

Try the recipe: The Best Sandwiches

Quinoa Arugula Salad 

Swich Quinoa Arugula Salad plant-based lunch recipe

Talk about tantalizing all the senses, our Quinoa Arugula Salad is one salad you don't want to pass on. This one is crunchy, spicy, and snappy—featuring a flavorful orchestra of quinoa, arugula, pecans, snap peas, tomatoes, raisins, red peppers, and topped with a dressing that complements the bounty of beautiful veggies. It will give you that extra boost to finish your work day strong. 

Try the recipe: Quinoa Arugula Salad

Egg-less 'Egg' Salad Sandwich 

Swich Egg-Less 'Egg" Salad Sandwich plant-based lunch recipe

Looking to incorporate more tofu in your meal prep? This is one dish that might just fit the bill perfectly. The best part—it is super easy and requires minimal clean-up. Once you complete this heavenly mixture of scrambled tofu and blend of exotic spices, all that's left is spreading it between your favorite bread. 

Try the recipe: Egg-less 'Egg' Salad Sandwich 

Quinoa Confetti Salad

Swich Quinoa Confetti Salad plant-based lunch recipe

Talk about a party! Our Quinoa Confetti salad features a plethora of textures and taste profiles. We're talkin: quinoa, apple, celery, red onion, golden raisins, cilantro, mint, lime, garam masala, and curried cashews. It's fresh. It's exciting. It's quick. It's flavorful. It's colorful, and it's fun—just like confetti. 

Try the recipe: Quinoa Confetti Salad


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