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Plant Based Cooking Posts

Quiz: Answer these 4 questions and we’ll tell you what plant-based pasta to cook tonight!

Take this quiz and we’ll tell you exactly which one of our popular plant-based pasta recipes you should put on tonight’s dinner menu!

3 veggie-packed make-ahead recipes for busy days

Prep these delicious and nutritious veggie-packed meals ahead of time, so they’ll be ready to enjoy at the end of your workday.

9 veggie-packed gluten-free sides, snacks, and main dishes

Sticking to a gluten-free diet doesn’t have to be boring. Check out these snacks, sides, and main dishes that are gluten-free but packed with flavor!

Is there anything cauliflower can’t do? 5 recipes you must try

Is cauliflower the most magical vegetable? Give these 5 cauliflower recipes a try and you’ll be hard pressed to say no!

7 protein-packed veggies you can easily incorporate into your diet (recipes included!)

We've ranked some of our fave veggies in descending order according to how much protein they contain.

5 quick & delicious veggie-packed side dishes

Elevate your next meal with a flavorful side dish! No matter your main, we’ve got you covered with side dish recipes that are as quick to make as they are plant-packed.

This yummy plant-based Valentine’s Day menu will make you fall in love with veggies

We’ve put together the perfect plant-based date-night-in three course meal for anyone in the mood to skip the reservations and make something homemade instead.

5 quick & nutritious weekday lunch ideas

Why go out for lunch when you can make something significantly more satisfying at home? We're talking about some quick and easy homemade lunch recipes, featuring nutrient-rich veggies and exceptional flavor.

Make these 15-minute (or less) breakfasts for a great day ahead

These breakfast recipes are quick to prepare, simple to follow, and packed with plants and flavor.

Hello 2022! Swich's perfect plant-based NYE menu

New year, same love of plants. Ring in the New Year with the ultimate plant-based menu full of vegetables, protein, and, of course, flavor.

The Swich guide to healthier holiday cookies (3 recipes)

Get out your mixing bowls because it’s officially cookie season! We compiled three of our top plant-based cookie recipes below.

Because of Plants feature recipe: Reach the highest summit with our Mushroom-Seed Loaf

Need a dish to complete your holiday menu? Look no further than our Mushroom-Seed Loaf.

5 ways to make your food more flavorful (and delicious)

The best home cooks love coming up with ways to layer more flavor into each and every dish.

Swich Guide: the ultimate plant-based holiday menu

Tis the season! From side dishes to entrees to desserts, we have a delicious plant-based holiday menu for you.

How to talk about your plant-based diet with loved ones

Whether or not you’re starting to eat more fruits and veggies or adopting a 100% plant-based diet, we have tips to help you share your decision with others.

Because of asparagus: health benefits, recipes & fun facts

Asparagus has a special place in our kitchens. Find out the nutrients, health benefits, delicious recipes, and so much more!

How to enjoy the process of cooking & learning something new

Whether you’ve been cooking your whole life or just getting started in the kitchen, here are 6 tips to help you enjoy the process of cooking.

6 plant-based snack recipes for winter adventures

Whip up these cozy & delicious plant-based recipes for all your winter adventures, at-home and on-the-go.

How to enjoy a plant-based holiday season: 5 tips

The holiday season is known to be the most wonderful time of the year, but it’s also a time with more emphasis on food. Here are 5 practical tips to put more plants on your plate!

Which chef's knife is right for you? 4 ways to tell

How can you tell which chef’s knife is best for you? We’ve got 4 tips to help you with your selection.