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Delicious homemade pizza two ways (including gluten-free!)

"Every pizza is a personal pizza if you try hard and believe in yourself." —Bill Murray

In that spirit, why not skip the takeout and enjoy a personalized veggie-packed homemade pizza instead?! Read on for our two favorite pizza recipes, including one that’s gluten-free!

Swich tip: Inspire and be inspired by sharing a pic of your pizza with your fellow Swichers—after all, half the fun of pizza night is seeing what others chose for their toppings (pineapple, anyone? 😉).

Neapolitan-Style Pizza

Swich homemade pizza dough recipe

Did you know that Neapolitan Pizza has been rated #2 in the Top 50 World's Best Dishes? We simply can't argue with this fact. It can easily be described as the perfect marriage of harmonious flavor with very simple yet high-quality ingredients (think tomatoes and basil, only-two-ingredients—simple!). Our recipe does involve making the dough from scratch, so you’ll need to do some meal prep in advance (let the yeast rise for 72 hours). 

Try the recipe: Neapolitan-Style Pizza 

Cauliflower Pizza (Guilt & Gluten-Free)

Swich Cauliflower Pizza recipe

Cauliflower Pizza is a well-known healthier and popular choice for those who need to adhere to restricted diets, or just prefer it over traditional crust. This recipe is packed with flavor and texture—we're talking cauliflower (of course), chia seeds, and ground almonds. Plus, since the dough doesn’t need to rise, it’s perfect for those pizza cravings that might pop up any time of day or night. Top with your favorite pizza toppings and enjoy! 

Try the recipe: Cauliflower Pizza

Let us know which pizza toppings make the top of your list in the comments below. 😋

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Errol W. ( 2yr ) – Love any type

Swich C. ( 2yr ) – Us too! Do you have any favorite pizza toppings?

Rene Y. ( 2yr ) – Love this! I would love all kinds of veggies for toppings!

Swich C. ( 2yr ) – Us too! Do you have a favorite topping for veggie pizza?

Traci K. ( 2yr ) – I do not eat cheese in any form.

Swich C. ( 2yr ) – These cheeses are plant-based & dairy-free. But you’re free to omit them from the recipes :)