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The science of repetition: Why does doing something repeatedly help you make it a permanent lifestyle change?

We aren't strangers to repetition. Safe to say, we have all experienced moments in our lives where, after days, months, sometimes even years of practicing something repeatedly, we finally nailed it, like: riding a bike, or learning to drive, swim, or ski. Well, the same can be applied to learning to cook. Read on to find out why.

Practice makes perfect

This is essentially it. Practice really does make perfect. In fact, it's been scientifically proven that doing the same thing regularly physically changes our brains and how they communicate. The neurons in our brains start to fire and, in time, eventually learn to adopt our desired new behavior. 

A little each day 

When trying to learn through repetition, and essentially physically changing our brains to adopt a new habit,  it is important to practice over time—think of it as a little each day. Applied to cooking, this could mean starting with one simple recipe like an appetizer or snack, once or twice a week and increasing that frequency to maybe two-three times a week, then beginning to build more substantial meals from there. Pretty soon you'll be cooking every day without even thinking about it. 

How Swich can help

Adopting a healthier lifestyle can be daunting at first. If learning to cook is a piority for you this year, we're here to help. Membership is free and you'll have access to hundreds of plant-rich, chef-curated recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner (plus, dessert, snacks, and side dishes), a supportive community, and self-led learning exercises you can access whenever you have time. 

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