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The ultimate plant-based Thanksgiving menu: Stuffing, pie & more

It’s time to get your servingware out because U.S. Thanksgiving is just around the corner! Interested in skipping the turkey and embracing a plant-rich holiday instead? We’ve got the perfect menu for you – including stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes, and a creamy pie that will impress any guest. 

Whether you’re celebrating Thanksgiving or not, we hope these plant-based recipes inspire you to incorporate more plants on your plate. The options are truly endless! 

Here's the perfect Thanksgiving plant-based menu:

• Mushroom Seed Loaf

Swich Mushroom Seed Loaf Plant-Based Thanksgiving Recipe

One of our Swichers said, “My husband thought this was one of the best meals he’s ever had!” So while this isn’t the quickest recipe to put together, the time is worth the effort. Once you taste it, you’ll see what we mean! 

Get the recipe: Mushroom Seed Loaf.

• Holiday Stuffing

Plant-Based Holiday Stuffing Recipe from Swich

A plant-based twist on the classic comfort dish. Made with French bread, colorful vegetables, and sage leaves, this is a recipe that’s sure to be a family favorite.

Get the recipe: Holiday Stuffing.

• Creamy Mashed Potatoes

Creamy Mashed Potatoes Recipe from Swich

Fluffy and oh-so-creamy, these mashed potatoes are steamed and whipped for a perfect texture. And while the bay leaves are listed as optional, we highly recommend them!

Get the recipe: Creamy Mashed Potatoes.

• Simple Plant-based Gravy

Simple Plant-Based Gravy Recipe from Swich

Gravy is a must-have for many. While the traditional dish is made with beef, our take uses your choice of meat-free stock such as Faux Chicken Bouillon Powder, Mushroom Stock or a No Beef Bouillon.

Get the recipe: Simply Plant-based Gravy.

• Creamed Spinach

Creamed Spinach Recipe from Swich

Who knew spinach could be so decadent? This creamed spinach is as lucious as it gets and makes for a perfect side dish that goes with pretty much any entree.

Get the recipe: Creamed Spinach.

• Chocolate Cream Pie

Vegan Chocolate Cream Pie Recipe from Swich

Of course, we can’t finish off the feast without dessert. The Chocolate Cream Pie may look hard to make, but looks can be deceiving! This pie is easy to whip up and requires less than 10 ingredients.

Get the recipe: Chocolate Cream Pie.

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Connie K. ( 1yr ) – Is there a way to put in things you allergic to such as tomatoes?

Swich C. ( 1yr ) – Hi Connie! All of these recipes can be edited to replace ingredients – you can even edit the shopping list. But having a place to list one’s allergens is a great idea – I’ll be sure to forward it along :)

Alice C. ( 1yr ) – All these dishes look so yummy, need to try some of them or all.