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How to talk about your plant-based diet with loved ones

Making a decision to transition to a plant-based lifestyle is an exciting one! But it can also be a challenge to get support when you change the way you eat. Whether you’re starting to eat more fruits and veggies or adopting a 100% plant-based diet, we have some tips to help you share your decision with others. We know it’ll come up at the holiday dining table! 

(And as a reminder, Swich is a cooking community for everyone. Omnivores, vegans, and all eaters can learn how to add more plants to their daily meals. We hope you join us!)

1. Remember, curiosity is normal 

While some people may unconditionally support your decision, others might challenge you, have questions, or want you to explain why you would make this change. Keep in mind, curiosity is normal. Instead of looking at questions as criticism, think of them as opportunities for you to discuss the subject in a comfortable, non-defensive way. 

2. Show more than tell

In our experience, we find that communicating your transition outwardly (not even aggressively) often comes across as evangelistic. We suggest telling the people close to you first and responding to questions as they come up. Rather than initiating a discussion in a larger group of friends, let them watch your transformation. Then, wait to see if they want to know more. 

Sun Dried Tomato Pesto Pasta

Trust us, when they see how delicious your plant-based meals are (like the above Sun Dried Tomato Pesto Pasta), they’ll start to see why you’re loving this new way of life. 

3. Share modestly

Dietary preferences become strong markers of identity, and being modest about your decision reaffirms that it isn’t the only thing that defines you as a person. You don’t become someone’s “vegan friend.” You can just be friends! 

4.  Be polite 

Especially if you are refusing to eat something because it’s not plant-based, be very polite and tell them how much you still appreciate their effort.

5. Don’t alienate others (or yourself)

friends eating vegan dinner

If you already enjoy cooking with friends and entertaining, there’s no reason why any of that should change when eating a plant-based diet. Your dietary preferences shouldn’t be cause for alienating your friends or jeopardizing relationships.

6. Be yourself 

Some people find it useful to have facts and figures at hand to explain their decision. But ultimately, be true to yourself. Decisions are rarely black and white. People may choose a plant-based lifestyle not for one single factor, but because this way of cooking and eating touches on a host of important issues.

Remember, it’s your decision and you don’t need to defend it. Any changes you make to move towards a plant-based diet will yield powerful results for you—and that’s what matters.

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