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Video: Get to know Swich co-founder, Joe, as he starts a new life on Pender Island

After founding Rouxbe and now Swich, Dawn Thomas and Joe Girard knew it was time to move on from city living.

Now, they’re taking Swich on the road to their new home: beautiful Pender Island, British Columbia. Surrounded by nature (including adorable tree frogs), Dawn and Joe are about to dive head-first into their new chapter.

In this episode, get to know Joe as he takes his first trip to the farm. Discover the pivotal event that inspired Swich, and get the answer to the one question Swich members ask the most:

How is Swich 100% free?

Episode 2: First visit to Pender Island 

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Alice C. ( 2yr ) – I have watched all the Episodes on you tube and have enjoyed them all. Look forward to more of you, dawn, and the fur babies new and exciting adventures.

Swich C. ( 2yr ) – Hi Alice! We are so happy to hear that.

Joss N. ( 2yr ) – Great video. I am a FOK Rouxbe graduate