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Video: From remote farm to happy home –the family settles in on Pender Island

In this episode of the Swich Founder YouTube series, Joe’s partner in life and business, Dawn Thomas, finally joins him on Pender Island, with their two rescue dogs, Leo and Rudi, in tow. They now call Pender Island, home – permanently. We join Joe and Dawn as they reflect on the journey that took them from big city condo life, to a 34-acre farm on Pender Island, off the coast of British Columbia. They bring us into their life together and discover what makes them such an incredible team.

As visionaries, Dawn and Joe started Rouxbe Cooking School (and later, Swich), years before it seemed like a plausible endeavour. And today Rouxbe is the world’s leading online culinary school, with over 600,000 students across the globe. We see that same visionary mindset come to life as Dawn and Joe transform both their lives, and their new farm, into a beautiful home. If you’re looking to make some changes in your own life, Dawn’s powerhouse work ethic might just inspire you to make the leap (and stick with it).

Episode 7: The family settles in on Pender Island

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Barbara A. ( 2yr ) – I wish I was young enough to go back to the country. I realize there is a whole lot of work, yet it is work that you enjoy. So relaxing, quiet so you can enjoy your Eden. Enjoy watching and seeing all you are doing. Thank you for allowing us to join in but not disturbing your tranquility. GOD bless you both.

Swich C. ( 2yr ) – Hi Barbara! Thank you for the kind words. We are happy you’re here!

Blanca B. ( 2yr ) – Oh my God, this is just fantastic. I started watching episode 1 and I just finished episode 7, with short stops to prepare supper, eat supper, fold laundry and back to watching you guys. Thank you very much for sharing your adventure. It is incredible how you have gone from having a dream to working hard to make it come to life. I congratulate both of you. What I enjoy the most about your videos is that you are so natural, nothing fake about all the work you do.

Swich C. ( 2yr ) – Hi Blanca! Thank you for the comment – we really appreciate and are so happy you’re here and are enjoying the series!

Alice C. ( 2yr ) – I love the beauty of nature. I grew up in West Virginia and loved it. Want to go back to live someday. I’m tired of this flat, dry land of New Mexico. It has its own beauty but I miss trees, creeks, and wildlife.