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Go behind the scenes with the Swich Founder YouTube series!

Swich co-founders, Dawn Thomas and Joe Girard, have begun the adventure of a lifetime. This year, they sold their Vancouver condo and moved to an undeveloped farm on Pender Island — a small island off the coast of Vancouver, BC.

The Swich Founder YouTube series follows their adventures as they set up their farm from scratch, prepare delicious and nutritious veggie-packed meals, and share all of their learnings as they master new skills and traverse the unknown.

Whether you’re building a new home, changing your meals to include more plants, or learning to cook a new dish, you’ll find the lessons and approach share many similarities!

Episode 1: The Path to 100 Million

Meet Joe, one of the co-founders behind Swich and find out what lies ahead as he and co-founder Dawn Thomas move from Vancouver to Pender Island — all in pursuit of teaching 100-million people across the world to cook (for free!).


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Erma C. ( 1mo ) – Hello Dawn and Joe. I know better but I haven’t done better. I am a retired child nutritionist and I am relatively healthy. I know that the the government recommends the food pyramid for children and a different one for adults but I never adhered to it. It is time I start taking better care of myself.

Swich C. ( 2d ) – Hi Erma! We are happy you are here.