Swich | Blog - Video: What is Shuniya? Finding Peace on Pender Island

Video: What is Shuniya? Finding Peace on Pender Island

Shuniya (shoo-nee-yuh) means “zero” or “nothing.” It describes a state of awareness in which the mind is brought to complete stillness; a state of emptiness where no positive or negative is assigned to things. You can simply unfold. 

As rainy days bring a sense of cleansing and calmness, Dawn Thomas and Joe Girard, co-founders of Swich and Rouxbe Cooking School, cultivate an appreciation of shuniya amid the ever-evolving progress at their home on Pender Island. 

Episode 15: Shuniya & Finding Peace Amid Progress

In this 15th episode, the Swich Founder YouTube series, Dawn and Joe walk us through how they spent a rainy weekend updating their home with a new kitchen and wood shelf, along with an intensive outdoor project. You’ll see visits with gorgeous animals, including otters, deer, frogs, pigs, and seals — plus, a sweet moment with Leo at the end! 

Whether Dawn and Joe are gardening, enjoying time on their boat, or working towards long-term projects, they exemplify the beauty of slowing down, setting your own pace, and allowing the journey to unfold.

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Alice C. ( 2yr ) – Awesome, thank you for sharing.

Gisèle G. ( 2yr ) – Thank you for sharing, so much intéressant to see all thé progress