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4 reasons to make cooking a priority this year (and how Swich can help you stick with it)

It's a new year, and a great time to take a step back and really take stock of what changes, big and small, you’d like to make in your day-to-day life. We hope one of those changes is learning to cook.  

Here’s why:

4 reasons to make learning to cook a priority this year

1. It’s better for your health.

This one may seem like a no-brainer, but it's true. Knowing exactly what’s in the food you eat is  fundamental to making healthy choices. When you cook from scratch, you  can control just how much salt, sugar, or oil goes into your food. 

2. It builds confidence. 

Cooking can seem daunting. Not all of us are 5-star chefs, but we can certainly aspire to be with a bit of confidence in the kitchen. When you commit to actually learning how to cook, you’ll build confidence as you learn. Before you know it, you’ll understand the science of cooking, be freed from following recipes, and on to cooking your own meals from scratch! 

3. You’ll become more mindful about what you are eating.

A healthy lifestyle starts with being mindful of where your food comes from and what nutrition it provides. Cooking, and shopping for fresh ingredients, will give you a stronger connection to what you put on your plate. 

4. It’s budget friendly.

This is a win-win without a doubt. Cooking is far more cost effective than eating out or even buying pre-packaged dinners. Your wallet will thank you.

How Swich can help 

At Swich, we’re dedicated to changing how the world cooks and eats. Why? Because eating nutritious, whole foods is essential to protect your health, reducing the risk of diseases, cancer, diabetes, and mental health issues. 

Unlike other cooking schools that focus on one-size-fits-all recipes, our approach is to help you cook for you, striving to teach you the “why” behind cooking (not just the “how”).  That way, you can customize your cooking practice to serve your nutritional needs, taste preferences, goals, and overall lifestyle. 

Learn more about how we can help you learn to cook, in these posts:

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Deborah K. ( 1yr ) – All very wise things to keep in mind

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