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Because of grapefruit: health benefits, facts & delicious recipes

This post is part of our Because of Plants campaign: a way to show love for the full life a plant-rich diet gives us. 

The beauty of eating for health is that it’s absolutely delicious. So many foods that are full of flavor and deliciousness are also full of nutritious vitamins – and grapefruit is one of them. 

Grapefruit is not only a hydrating, sweet-and-sour fruit with immune boosting benefits, but it’s also high in antioxidants and known for appetite controlling superpowers! Plus, it's seasonal for a big chunk of the year (November to June), which makes it a wonderful ingredient to include in your salads, bowls, and smoothies. 

In this post, we’ll explain the health benefits and some fun facts along with tips to incorporate more grapefruit in your life. 

First, what are the health benefits of grapefruit?

Grapefruits are packed with fiber and vitamins, but they’re low in calories – which is why they’re very popular for weight loss. But whether or not weight loss is your goal, grapefruits are still super-sources of nutrients. 

According to Healthline, a half of a grapefruit is about 50 calories and includes the below nutrients:

  • Vitamin C: An important vitamin for the immune system and skin health 

  • Vitamin A: This helps your vision and immune system, and increases energy

  • Potassium: A mineral and electrolyte that helps your muscles, heart, and kidney

  • Thiamine: Associated with the breakdown of carbohydrates from foods into products needed by the body. It’s used to treat or prevent vitamin B1 deficiency.

  • Folate: This is important for tissue growth and cell function

  • Magnesium: Magnesium converts food into energy, helps create and repair DNA and RNA, and regulates neurotransmitters (along with more health benefits)

What are the health benefits we can experience because of grapefruits?

because of grapefruit

If you’re eating grapefruits for health reasons, there are many benefits to keep you motivated. For one, since grapefruits are packed with so many nutrients, they’re known for being immune system boosters. But that’s not atll! 

Here are more health benefits of eating grapefruits:

  • Hydration: They’re 88 percent water, so with each bite, you’ll be hydrating your body. 

  • Antioxidants: Thanks to antioxidants, grapefruits are linked to reducing inflammation and protecting your cells against free radicals.

  • Diabetes prevention: Studies show that grapefruit may help prevent diabetes by keeping insulin levels high.

  • Appetite control: The fiber in grapefruits is linked to giving us feelings of fullness. So if you want a low-calorie snack that will make you feel fueled, grapefruit is a great choice. 

  • Heart health: A study showed that those who ate grapefruit three times daily for six weeks experienced reductions in blood pressure over the course of the study. 

  • Reduced risk of kidney stones: The citric acid in grapefruits may help prevent the build up that contributes to kidney stones. 

Fun fact: grapefruits are available in white, red, pink, and yellow varieties. But a red flesh usually indicates a sweeter fruit. 

5 ways to eat more grapefruit, regularly 

Ready to eat more grapefruits now? We thought so! Check out the below tips for easy ways to incorporate grapefruit regularly in your diet. 

Steel Cut Oats

  1. Eat it for  breakfast. Grapefruit is perfectly paired with our Steel Cut Oats With Fresh Fruit!

  2. Toss it in salads for a citrusy twist.

  3. Cut it up and eat it as is! If it’s too bitter, add your choice of sweetener – or potentially a bit of salt.

  4. Enjoy homemade grapefruit juice.

  5. Chop it up with other fruits for a fruit salad.

Come along – cook with Swich! 

If you want to cook with more plants —including grapefruits—for a better and healthier life, Swich is here to help you. No matter if you’ve been cooking for decades or days, we help you improve your cooking intuition and increase the amount of fruits and veggies you eat. Your experience is customized to your cooking skill level, your health goals, and your food preferences. 

Looking for more plant inspiration? Check out these plant-based side dishes and this guide to meat substitutes & plant protein sources.

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Michele S. ( 26d ) – When we moved to AZ – I wanted to grow citrus. I planted Meyer Lemon, Lime and Grapefruit. Because of our elevation – the only one that survived was the Grapefruit tree (covered during cold spells). 3 years later – I have grapefruit hanging in my back yard. Yum. Unfortunately if there is one food that interacts with a LOT of medications it is grapefruit / grapefruit juice. Bummer for those that have to take those meds… they lose out on this treat

Swich C. ( 26d ) – Hi Michele! Yes, while grapefruit has many health benefits. Those taking medications should first consult their doctor.

Daphne D. ( 22d ) – I love grapefruit so much that when it is out of season i feel so bad and i dont like the juice sold in supermarkets i enjoy fresh fruit

Swich C. ( 10d ) – Hopefully it will be grapefruit season again before we know it :)