Swich | Blog - Video: An inside look at remote farm life

Video: An inside look at remote farm life

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to give up the comforts of urban life and move to a remote farm?

Joe Girard and Dawn Thomas, the founders of Swich and Rouxbe Cooking School are doing just that and taking us along for the (sometimes wild) ride.

In this third episode of the Swich Founder YouTube series, Joe shares some favorite moments as he dives straight into farm life, prepping for the official move-date, and the arrival of Dawn and their two rescue dogs. Embracing the unknown, and just getting to work, is something Joe and Dawn have done throughout their lives together, and this may just be their biggest unknown yet!

As Joe reflects on the adventures ahead, he leaves us with one of life’s most important questions to ponder – it’s one you’ll want to think about!

Episode 3: Getting to work 

Tune in and follow along as Joe and Dawn complete the final transition to full-time farm-life, and show us how to prepare nutritious veggie-packed meals, with minimal space and plant-based ingredients.


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Hol R. ( 2yr ) – I have already watched these videos on You Tube and they are so relaxing and informative. Thank you so much for all you two are doing.

Swich C. ( 2yr ) – Hi Holland! We are happy you are here and are enjoying the content.

Alice C. ( 2yr ) – I’ve enjoyed all your you tube videos. Thanks for sharing your life with us.