Swich | Blog - Video: How to build a farm (and other life lessons)

Video: How to build a farm (and other life lessons)

Joe Girard and Dawn Thomas wanted to teach people how to cook, and how to enjoy real, whole ingredients. So they founded Rouxbe Cooking School, and later on, Swich. But creating the first online cooking school wasn’t easy! In this episode, Joe shares the details of what it took to make Rouxbe the leading online culinary school—and why he and Dawn decided to sell everything they owned and make the move to Pender Island, British Columbia.

Episode 5: Baby steps 

Joe shares a glimpse of the incredible master plan for the farm. But just like creating Rouxbe and Swich, turning the property into a home is a huge undertaking. And the only way to get through it all? Ask the right questions, and get help from the right people. With help from experts, Joe’s taking the property from a blank slate to a dream come true. If there’s one thing Dawn and Joe have learned since founding Swich and Rouxbe, it’s that good things take time. When it comes to achieving goals, take it baby step by baby step. Whether you’re building a farm or learning how to cook, slow and steady wins the race.


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Alice C. ( 2yr ) – Your tent looks small on the outside but very spacious on the inside. Beautiful platform for it.