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What makes Swich different from other cooking websites?

At Swich, we are dedicated to changing how the world cooks and eats. Why? Because eating nutritious, whole foods is essential to protect your health, reducing the risk of diseases, cancer, diabetes, and mental health issues. 

Unlike other cooking schools that focus on one-size-fits-all recipes, our approach is to help you cook for you, striving to teach you the “why” behind cooking (not just the “how”).  That way, you can customize your cooking practice to serve your nutritional needs, taste preferences, goals, and overall lifestyle. 

Swich is founded by two chefs and our hundreds of delicious recipes are chef-curated. Swich members are part of a network of like-minded people who are looking to improve their health through cooking and join a global health movement. (Read our story.)

Here’s how we’re doing things differently:

  • Customization: Swich membership starts with a survey where we ask you about your health goals, food preferences, and existing cooking skills. Then we provide you with the very best learning recommendations that are directly related to your responses. 
  • Community support: Imagine a community full of other at-home cooks, embracing whole foods for better health. That’s what you get at Swich! It’s an inclusive space to share your food pics, ask questions, chat with like-minded people, and get cooking inspiration and support from others.
  • 100% plant-based: Our tutorials and recipes feature only plant-based ingredients. That said, you can use the techniques for a wide variety of diets. 
  • Online: You’ll be cooking in your home, so you should be learning in your home too! Our entire experience is online to make it accessible for everyone across the globe. So far, we have users everywhere from Africa to Australia! 
  • FREE: We want to make cooking more approachable to all — which is why we do not charge anything for basic cooking education through Swich. We can do this because Swich is powered by Rouxbe (founded in 2005), the world’s leading online culinary school with more than 600,000 students across the globe. 

Instead of scrolling for hours through recipes, Swich members are motivated to cook through tutorials, fun challenges, and community engagement. For example, we have a Globetrotters group that focuses on exploring global flavor profiles. We also have a Substituters group that encourages plant-based alternatives for animal-based ingredients. 

Swich is open to all ages and backgrounds, coming from all different levels of cooking experience. Whether you’ve been cooking for decades or trying to learn for the first time, we meet you right where you are. You’ll set the goals and pace for your Swich experience!

We believe health is a journey and cooking is an empowering experience that will change your life. Ready to start cooking with us? Come along

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Sonia F. ( 2yr ) – I love your philosophy and I’m excited to be a part of this awesome group!

Ntuthu N. ( 2yr ) – I love what u cook & its all healthy for me 🙏

Swich C. ( 2yr ) – We are excited to have you here!

Swich C. ( 2yr ) – If you’re still working on your plant-based Thanksgiving menu, here’s a menu we put together. https://thebigswich.com/blog/the-ultimate-plant-based-thanksgiving-menu-stuffing-pie-more

Judi S. ( 2yr ) – This is an awesome program. Can’t believe I found this. Thank you so much. Wonderful information so far and foods look delicious.

Jacki S. ( 2yr ) – This is just what I need and really want to learn!

Alice C. ( 2yr ) – Love this site and the food looks amazing. Just starting a plant-based diet. Thank you for making this available to all.

Cherese C. ( 2yr ) – Wow! May all of the love, light, and health you have given to us come back to you in abundance. This is a life-changing platform and I’m delighted to be able to share it with so many of my friends, and patients who simply just don’t know how to cook or eat for optimal health. The fact is that this is also a fun learning experience with an amazing community that you have built here. What a legacy you have created one delicious dish at a time. Hugs to you!!! Dr. Combs

Michelle H. ( 1yr ) – Thank you for being so generous with your knowledge and techniques and for being so inspiring! What you do matters!