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Video: Celebrate Swich co-founder, Joe Girard's, birthday with us!

Want to know how to celebrate a birthday Swich-style? We’re all about starting the day off with an incredible, plant-packed breakfast, of course. In this episode of the Swich Founder YouTube series, Joe Girard and Dawn Thomas, Swich and Rouxbe Cooking School co-founders, kick off Joe’s birthday with some delicious smoked carrot gravlax and a trip to Brooks Point on South Pender Island.

Of course, life’s always teaching lessons—even if it’s your birthday. When Joe gets into a little mishap involving chainsaws and dead trees (don’t worry, no one was hurt!) on his and Dawn’s new Pender Island farm, he had to use a little ingenuity to correct the situation. Don’t try this at home!

Luckily, Dawn and Joe have a few easier tasks on their to-do list—like adding ultra-comfy Nest bedding to their cosy tents! They also share a sneak-peek of their new wood mill building and firewood shed.

As Dawn and Joe build the farm of their dreams, their hard work is never done—and most of their tasks are things they’ve never even attempted before. But that’s the beauty of it—life’s greatest lessons happen when you’re trying new things.

Episode 11: Living in the moment 

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Catherine C. ( 11mo ) – I love watching you and Dawn working around your beautiful land and new home on w Island. When are you going to show us step by step cooking different meals?
I would sure love to see many of them. 🤗
Please and thank you both!! ❤️❤️

Swich C. ( 10mo ) – Hi Catherine! Thank you for the comment & suggestion. We are so happy you’re here :)

Alice C. ( 10mo ) – Happy very belated Birthday Joe.