Swich | Blog - Video: Welcoming friends & honoring humility on Pender

Video: Welcoming friends & honoring humility on Pender Island

What’s the secret ingredient to making a new house feel like home? Visits from friends and little details of personalization. But, most of all, a sense of humbleness and remembrance of where you come from. 

While Joe and Dawn continue to work hard on DIY projects like building a new woodshed and outhouse, they also remember to cherish moments of bliss. Whether they’re playing guitar outside, picking plums, or admiring a trio of deer, they find ways to slow down amid the renewal.

Episode 14: Friends, deer, plums, and taco salad

In this episode of the Swich Founders YouTube series, Dawn Thomas and Joe Girard, co-founders of Swich and Rouxbe Cooking School, welcome visitors to their idyllic home on Pender Island, British Columbia. 

Adam, the Chief Technology Officer who helped build Rouxbe and Swich, stops by all the way from Ohio. Then, Joe makes progress on the outhouse and a woodshed made of nearly entirely recycled lumber. All the while, Dawn is busy picking plums, organizing lumber, and whipping up a delicious taco salad bowl made with tofu and faux chicken bouillon

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Alice C. ( 2yr ) – Used to sit on my grandmas porch and watch them when I was a child. I miss that.