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The ultimate plant-based Thanksgiving menu: Stuffing, pie & more

Whether you’re celebrating Thanksgiving or not, we hope these plant-based recipes inspire you to eat more plants. The options are truly endless!

Because of Plants feature recipe: Pedal that extra mile thanks to The Energy Bowl

We called it "The Energy Bowl" for a reason. Get the veggie and protein-packed recipe and find the energy to fuel your day!

How to make kale taste “better”: Cooking tips & delicious recipes

A question we hear often is: how can I make kale taste better? Give these tips and recipes a try!

4 high-protein, plant-based breakfast ideas

Add plants & protein to every meal of your day, including breakfast! From hashes to scrambles, these recipes will start your day on a good note.

4 delicious plant-based recipes to prep for busy weeks

Got a busy week ahead? Support your future self by meal prepping these meals that will take you from breakfast to dinner.

How to select a high-quality olive oil

Olive oil is a kitchen staple. Find out how to pick the right one for what you're cooking.

Because of tomatoes: health benefits, facts & delicious recipes

If you are looking for antioxidants, a heart-healthy snack, and a power source of nutrients, look no further than the tomato!

How to roast vegetables without oil in 6 simple steps

You don't have to miss out on delicious roasted vegetables if you're following an oil-free diet.

Meal prep 101: Weekly batch cooking & tips for success

Meal prep is a crucial piece of the cooking puzzle. Find out tips for batch cooking success.

Guide: How to cook dried beans + easy recipes

Beans are a vital staple in many plant-based diets. Find out how to cook dried beans and get recipes that make the most of them!

Video: Welcoming friends & honoring humility on Pender Island

What makes a house feel like home? Our co-founders show their property’s progress while honoring humility.

One-pot vegetable chili recipes for nourishment & comfort

Warm up and get a full dose of veggies with our vegetable chili recipes. Hearty, cozy, and filling.

Because of beets: Amazing health benefits + our top recipes

Beets have a special place in our kitchens. Find out why they stand out just as much on our plates as they do when it comes to what they offer our bodies.

5 plant-based side dishes: Add veggies to every meal

Side dishes are under-rated secret weapons in the kitchen. Make these simple side dishes to add more veggies to any meal.

Your guide to meat substitutes & plant-based protein sources

Get to know all the flavorful plant-based ways to add protein to your meals.

Building your base: 2 plant-based stock recipes you'll make over and over

The best vegetable stock to use in any recipe is one that is made from scratch. Check out our two favorite plant-based homemade stock recipes.

How to transition to a (more) plant-based diet: 5 simple tips

Ready to eat more plants and start reaping the benefits? Here are five tips to make the transition to a plant-based lifestyle smooth and steady.

What will you accomplish because of plants?

Here at Swich, we are rooted firmly in a love for plants. It’s because of plants that we feel fuelled, happy, nourished, and strong.

Cooking tips: How to eat more fruits & vegetables (even on weekends!)

Do you struggle with eating enough fruits and veggies on the weekend? We’ve got a few tips for eating deliciously healthy food every day of the week.

Who is Swich? Get to know our online cooking community

Swich is on a mission to teach the world to cook for better health and inspire a global health movement.