Swich | Blog - Video: Unveiling the great outdoor kitchen renovation

Video: Unveiling the great outdoor kitchen renovation

It’s officially been one year since Dawn and Joe took their fateful trip to Pender Island to look for a new property.  And in this 16th episode of the Founders YouTube series, we see just how far they’ve come with renovations to their rustic cabin since they moved to the property in May 2021.

The episode opens with Joe unveiling the new woodmill, and cutting the first two Douglas Fir logs—destined to become the floor for the renovated outdoor kitchen. Watch as the kitchen comes together, complete with whimsical lighting, propane stove, two-burner, and plenty of workspace. Dawn quickly puts the new space to work, whipping up batches of Swich Simple Mushroom Stock, Masal Chai, and a stir-fry

We’re also treated to a peek at the rest of the cabin, which is transformed into a comfy living space by a fresh coat of white paint (don’t miss Dawn’s favorite space: the mud room/drum room!). 

And a cameo appearance by the neighbor’s runaway tenants has Dawn and Joe asking: “why did the chickens cross the road?". 

Episode 16: What is Yours Will Find You


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