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Because of Plants feature recipe: Reach the highest summit with our Mushroom-Seed Loaf

Need a dish to complete your holiday menu? Look no further than our Mushroom-Seed Loaf.

5 ways to make your food more flavorful (and delicious)

The best home cooks love coming up with ways to layer more flavor into each and every dish.

Swich Guide: the ultimate plant-based holiday menu

Tis the season! From side dishes to entrees to desserts, we have a delicious plant-based holiday menu for you.

How to talk about your plant-based diet with loved ones

Whether or not you’re starting to eat more fruits and veggies or adopting a 100% plant-based diet, we have tips to help you share your decision with others.

Thinking about going plant-based? These 17 documentaries are a must-watch!

These 17 eye-opening documentaries about plant-based nutrition will help you make an informed decision.

Because of asparagus: health benefits, recipes & fun facts

Asparagus has a special place in our kitchens. Find out the nutrients, health benefits, delicious recipes, and so much more!

How to enjoy the process of cooking & learning something new

Whether you’ve been cooking your whole life or just getting started in the kitchen, here are 6 tips to help you enjoy the process of cooking.

6 plant-based snack recipes for winter adventures

Whip up these cozy & delicious plant-based recipes for all your winter adventures, at-home and on-the-go.

How to enjoy a plant-based holiday season: 5 tips

The holiday season is known to be the most wonderful time of the year, but it’s also a time with more emphasis on food. Here are 5 practical tips to put more plants on your plate!

Swich in the media

We're sharing our mission with the world! Check out this round-up of Swich in the news.

Which chef's knife is right for you? 4 ways to tell

How can you tell which chef’s knife is best for you? We’ve got 4 tips to help you with your selection.

Tips for eating seasonally & why it makes a difference

You’ve probably heard it before, eating seasonally is best. These tips & recipes will inspire you to cook with more plants this winter, and beyond.

8 facts to inspire your love of cooking

Whether you're a cooking newbie or a seasoned pro, this month, let's take a moment to appreciate cooking.

4 warm & cozy plant-based winter recipes

Looking for something to sip when you’re enjoying the outdoors this winter? Try these four recipes that’ll warm you up from the inside out.

Video: What is Shuniya? Finding Peace on Pender Island

As rainy days bring a sense of cleansing and calmness, our co-founders find moments of stillness on Pender Island.

5 wonderful reasons we love stir-fries

If you already love stir-fry meals, this post will make you love them even more! Find out 5 reasons why stir-fries are delicious and health-conscious.

How to avoid undercooking or overcooking your veggies

It’s all in the basics! Learn how to cook vegetables in water or liquids and find out critical tips to ensure consistency.

5 kid-approved meals packed with vegetables

Tiny palates can be picky —but even little ones can learn to love fruits and vegetables. See these veggie packed, kid-friendly meals.

How to make a delicious veggie-packed bowl + 7 must-try recipes

Bowls pack in nourishing, whole-food ingredients that’ll set yourself up for a week of healthy eating.

How to roast vegetables for maximum flavor - 5 steps

Follow these steps to make tried and true roasted veggies every time.