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Video: Experiencing the seasons on Pender Island

In this season finale episode of the Swich Founder YouTube series, Dawn and Joe experience the seasons on Pender Island. As the concrete is poured and the walls go up on the accessory building, which will house the laundry room, toilets, sinks, and indoor and outdoor showers, the rain moves in. The once dry property quickly fills with water and where Dawn once wished for a creek, she’s delighted to find a river instead! She puts the resulting mud to good use, smearing it on the newly painted outer walls of the cabin (now a grey hue Joe calls “silly putty”, the result of Dawn mixing paint leftover from other projects) to create a pleasing rustic, aged finish.

Later, as fall turns to winter, the property is blanketed in snow, leading to perhaps one of the series’ most memorable scenes where Dawn uses a hammer to break through a thick layer of ice before plunging into an ice bath! 

Dawn and Joe quickly learn that when it snows, it REALLY snows, and things take a dangerous turn when so much accumulates that their tent collapses in the middle of the night onto the warming fire below. Fortunately, everyone escapes unscathed, but it’s clear that this first winter on Pender Island is going to be unlike anything they’ve ever experienced.

Episode 17: Season Finale – Keep Shining 

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